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Candidate is expected as a project leader proficient in in vitro pharmacology, capable to design and develop diverse assays, and coach & work with other scientists to drive project progress.





  • Lead and participate designing, trouble-shooting and reporting in vitro and in vivo assays in support of novel drug R&D programs

  • Responsible for laboratory management, including instrument maintenance, staff training and other related work

  • Cultivate institutional learning by coaching and working with other scientists.

  • Communicate effectively within biology and cross-functional team




Education or Experience: 

l  Ph.D. in biology, cell biology or other related major, or Master with comparable capability


l  3 or more years of experience in drug R&D related work


Knowledge and skills: 

l  Solid science background with track record in scientific publications in related area.


l Experienced in assay development and optimization with problem-solving capability


l  Self-motivated with strong desire for drug discovery


l Good English reading and writing skill


l  Strong sense of responsibility and team player




Contact Method:

 Please send your resume & experimental summary(cover confidential information) to below email: 


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